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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Our History

Miss Koch was founded in the year 2001 at a time when the prevalence of insecurity, rape and sexual violence
was an issue of concern in Korogocho and its environs. The situation was so pathetic to the extent that the
government agencies, including the provincial administration and police were unable to visit certain areas
in the locality, which had become the preserve of organized criminal gangs. Many people were violated right
at their doorsteps but no one would dare raise a finger. The silence led to the growth of a culture of impunity
and more suffering.
Miss Koch:Miss Koch derives its name from the slang name of Korogocho,
from its focus on young women and
Noteworthy, a series of rapes were witnessed in the month of December 2000 and this led to an outcry from the
community members. Many community members and their cohorts were greatly saddened by the situation and
though they knew quite well that something needed to be done, they were overwhelmed by fear and they felt
helpless and powerless. Nevertheless, there were many groups, organizations and individuals who made various
endeavors to address the pathetic situation in Korogocho. But their efforts were quite dismal and disjointed.

Miss Koch Kenya has been in existence since 2001, starting off as a girl’s emancipation and empowerment
organization. The organization was founded as an intervention against endemic socio-economic and political
problems facing the residents of Korogocho, which included rising insecurity and disempowerment of the girl
child. The issue of insecurity was so pronounced in the area that it became a representative feature of Korogocho
that was mirrored to outsiders. In addition, the culture of silence and fear was overwhelming, as many residents
of Korogocho feared acting against violations of human rights lest they be victimized or liquidated by the
perpetrators. This led to the growth of a strong culture of impunity and more suffering. Closely related to
insecurity was the problem of sexual violence, particularly the prevalence of rapes, early marriages and high rate
of girls dropping out of school. Girls, women and children were the most affected groups in Korogocho.

Over the years, Miss Koch Kenya has endeavored to transform and change the face of Korogocho and the
perception of some of the members of the public about the area. It has particularly given hope to the youth,
the girl child and other disadvantaged groups. This has been effectively done through the mobilization and
empowerment of local communities as agents of change within Korogocho and engagement with the media
and other stakeholders.
In the year 2010, we tranformed from a Community Based Organization (CBO) to a Non Governmental
Organization (NGO).

Operating Area:
The activities of Miss Koch Kenya are concentrated in the informal settlements of Korogocho, which is
approximately 29, km sq. in size and was estimated to have around 200,000 inhabitants as per the 1999
government census (Government of Kenya 1999 Population And Housing Census). Unofficial records though
estimate the current population to be in the region of 250,000. It is further estimated that 65% of the population
is composed of the youth. Korogocho is the third largest slum area in Nairobi after Kibera and Mathare.
It is located within the expansive Kasarani Division and consists of eight villages namely Grogan A, Grogan B,
Korogocho A, Korogocho B, High ridge, Gitathuru Central Kisumu Ndogo and Ngunyumu.


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